The key company service is water transfer which entails the transfer of water from the source such as a pond, river, lake or well to the frac site.  The job will consist of laying an average of approximately two to five miles of non-leak lay flat hose.  Pumps are set up with booster pumps located at various intervals.  Road Crossings are positioned along the route depending on the terrain so as not to obstruct any type of transportation.  A crew is assigned to install the hose, pumps and road crossings and handle water transfer for the length of the job.  After frac completion, the lay-flat hose can be quickly removed, equipment gathered, placed on a trailer and transported to the next job in a cost effective manner.

Water supply and transfer varies from location to location depending on site location, water routing, any local, state and federal regulations that may have to considered.  Momentum has professional and specialized teams, educated in water management that can successfully handle the challenges of the supply and movement of water to the end user in order to provide the services necessary to meet the customer’s requirements.


  • 40 Miles of True Non-Leak Lay Flat Hose – 10” and 12”
  • 325 Hp 10x8 Transfer Pumps
  • 600 Hp 12x8 Booster Pumps
  • Substantial Number of Manifolds
  • Large Number of Road Crossings
  • Valves, Connections and Fittings to meet the needs of each job
  • Alliances for Logistical Transport, Trucking and Disposal