At Momentum, our crews are “hands-on” with in-depth knowledge and years of experience to evaluate and approach the scope of work in a professional way on a day to day basis in order to provide our clients with the expertise demanded by them. Momentum’s management has an cumulative experience in the oilfield and water industry for 48 years. Experienced management team understands the market, customers and regions where there is drilling activity.


Every water supply and transfer project is different depending on the challenges the area may impose. Parameters that effect the project is the site location, water pipe routing and local, state or federal rules and regulations that may have to be met.

Momentum has professional and specialized teams educated in water management that can successfully handle the complexities and challenges of the supply and movement of water to the end user. They are capable of accessing overall project along with being capable of securing the proper permits, ensuring that the right water is acquired and with the necessary right of ways from public and private entities for a smooth execution of the project.

Highly qualified, well trained, experienced people that are assigned to their jobs.

Personnel are very seasoned and have encountered variables associated with this type of service, capacity to forecast expected issues and implement corrective action to mitigate any delay or negative impact.

Our Management Team

Stephen Christian

Stephen also serves as EVP and Secretary of SMG Industries, Inc and President of MG Cleaners, LLC.

Mr. Christian has over 14 years of experience in oilfield in various managerial roles. Since 2010, Mr. Christian has been the sole owner and head of operations for MG Cleaners, an oilfield services company, focused on drilling rig operators.

Previous to MG, Stephen served as a drilling rig manager from 2004 to 2010 for Nabors Industries (NYSE: NBR) which owns and operates the world’s largest land-based drilling rig fleet and is a leading provider of offshore drilling rigs in the United States.

Erik Alvarez
Vice President

Erik has been working in the oilfield for 20 years and specifically in water supply and transfer for the past 10 years with Express Energy Services.

Tony Salines
Director of Operations

Tony has been working in the oilfield for 18 years and in the water management industry for the past 9 years with Tetra Technologies managing water transfer crews.