The Company

Headquartered in Houston, Texas with operating locations in Alice, Carthage and Odessa Texas, Momentum Water Transfer Solutions, a subsidiary of SMG Industries, Inc., is an oilfield water source and transfer service company that operates throughout Texas. Momentum’s focus is on the quick response to customers water needs.

Momentum provides a safe and financially responsible service to our customers. We offer “One Stop” multiple service to our customers as a result of the established relationships developed with our diversified customer base. The relationships we currently have enable us to secure opportunities to provide additional services which the customer may require.

Momentum provides no-leak lay flat hose, high volume pumps, manifolds, road crossings, connectors and experienced crews that safely manage the process of transferring water for hydraulic fracturing. Momentum will design, install and operate a water transfer job according to the placement of piping and equipment and site conditions. We offer lay flat no leak hose of 10” and 12” diameter sizes. Our crews operate safely and efficiently to ensure that every project is uninterrupted and without incident. These systems minimize trucking expense and the disposal of water.

Our field management team has 30 cumulative years of experience in the handling of water. Our crews are experienced in the expeditious installation of the water transfer systems meeting the response time of what our customers require. We offer prompt service in a professional manner with quality and safety in mind.

Each job is an opportunity for Momentum to accomplish the best work for our customers, focusing on safety first, proving our experience and maintaining 100% customer focus.