About Us

Momentum Water Transfer specializes in high volume, high rate water transfer services through mobile piping systems including no leak lay flat hose systems that is environmentally safe, which support hydraulic fracturing.   These systems offer the customer an alternative to trucking over highways and is a cost-effective method to transfer water at less time without damaging the environment and road infrastructure.  We offer significant savings over the transportation cost of trucking water to frac sites.

Water is essential to the development and completion of unconventional oil and gas wells, where producers rely on fracking to stimulate the production of hydrocarbon from dense shale formations. The completion of unconventional oil and gas wells require a considerable amount of water in the process of hydraulic fracturing.  IEA has forecasted that the growth in US oil production is expected to increase 30% to 17 Million barrels per day by the year 2023 with much of the growth coming from oil produced through fracturing in West Texas.  The increase has left frac service companies rushing to add equipment and personnel to meet the demands.

Services market is expected to continue its growth over the near term as lateral length and completion intensity continues to grow.  Water is used in all stages of oil and gas development, extraction and processing, therefore, as a result, demand for water required to frac these wells , which on the average consumes 5-10 million gallons per well, will be more than 10 times the amount over the past five years.

Water transfer therefore is sourcing water, rigging up miles of frac hose to transport large quantities of water to pressure pumpers who mix it with sand and gels to pump downhole to stimulate a reservoir.

Water and related services are a significant portion of the E & P companies drilling and completion costs.  Momentum strives to be a quality provider for water sourcing, transferring and water management.  We are capable to provide these services required in the E & P drilling and completion activities.  We offer customers reliable access to the amount of water essential for the fracturing operations.

Excess water transfer by trucking becomes a safety and environmental challenge.  E & P companies have turned to other means of transporting water from the source to the well site.  Momentum can meet the needs of their customers in any shale play, at any time, by providing the necessary water requirements of managing the transfer of the water from source through our 30 miles of no leak pipe 10” & 12 non-leak lay-flat hose with high rate transfer and booster pumps.  The lay-flat hose provides low risk of leaks and spills and offers the flexibility of transferring the water with customization to fit the needs of the customer. Our high volume pumps, no leak hose and connectors typically deliver 5 – 10 million gallons of water per frac job. Once the job is complete, the lay-flat hose can be quickly and cost-effectively removed and transported to the next location. We have field offices in South Texas to service the Eagle Ford area, East Texas and West Texas to service the Permian basin.

Momentum strives to be different from the competition by delivering the highest quality services, equipment linked with excellent execution, operating efficiently in a safe environment at a cost saving to the customer.

Our Commitment


Safety is our most important value - it always has been and always will be. Momentum's commitment to safety with our employees and customers is a core value and consideration.  It starts with leadership accountability and is driven all the way through local operations crews across our operating areas.  We provide the highest equipment quality and follow the best safety practice standards for each job we perform.  We remain committed to ensuring that every employee goes home safely every night. 

There is an on-going opportunity to help our customers achieve their goals by striving to put safety first and maintain 100% focus on the job, our employees and our customers.

The Environment

At Momentum, we consider the environment as an essential part of our commitment, not only to our customers but also to the surrounding community to maintain, to the highest degree, work areas that are safe and aesthetically pleasing. The focus is on minimizing the impact of any effects on the environment. We continue to do our part to lead in responsible environmental practices.

Our Communities

We realize that water is essential especially in near-by communities where Momentum has established a presence. We appreciate these communities because of their tolerance, flexibility and hospitality. It is also our goal to be excellent neighbors by adhering to the standards in all areas and be consistent in demonstrating company employee cooperation. Since we interact with land owners, our pledge is to partner with them to maintain mutual agreements. We will leave the site in better condition than when we started related to our work.